Sunday, January 8, 2012

Name your Burrito and get on the Menu Board!!!

Get creative and design your own burrito and give it whatever name you want!!! Name your burrito designs will be featured weekly on our menu board with your own name for the world to see!!!! Send your creation to our facebook page, twitter, or Our first burrito design will be featured the week of January 23rd.

Tortilla (pick one or two):  

o   White 
o   Wheat

Beans (pick one or two):

o   Pinto
o   Black
o   No beans

Protein (pick one or two):
o   Chicken
o   Beef
o   “Carnitas” Slow Roasted Pork
o   Tofu

Straight from the earth (for enhanced flavor pick multiple) :

o   Green peppers
o   Onions
o   Tomatoes
o   Jalapenos
o   Serrano peppers
o   Corn
o   Lettuce
o   Cilantro
o   Pico de gallo

More good stuff (for enhanced flavor pick multiple):

o   Cheese blend
o   Cilantro Chipotle Dressing
o   Hot Sauce
o   BBQ Sauce
o   Sour Cream
o   Crushed Chips
o   Guacamole

Name of your burrito design:_________________________________________________
Your Name:__________________________ Your Email:____________________________

Winners will be notified by email so you can brag to your friends!!!!

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